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Dutch Agricultural Development Company Ltd. - Nigeria

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DADTCO Mandioca Moçambique Lda -

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DADTCO Cassava Processing Ghana Ltd -

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Partnerships are very important to DADTCO. The different types of possibilities of cooperation that DADTCO offers are: strategic partnerships with large multinationals, joint ventures of processing companies with local governments/entrepreneurs with DADTCO as majority shareholder, and public-private partnerships with NGOs.

DADTCO has partnered with SABMiller, one of the world's largest brewers, to produce the first ever commercial-scale cassava-based beer "Impala". The beer is brewed in Mozambique by SABMillers local subsidiary, Cervejas de Mocambique (CDM).By creating a sustainable, vibrant market for cassava, these projects have a significant impact on the lives of the farmers and local economy.

In Nigeria DADTCO currently has several joint ventures, all with local governments.

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) are a vehicle in Africa to develop and to stimulate access to finance, inputs, and markets for smallholder farmers. DADTCO is part of a PPP. We partner with NGOs that specialize in agricultural development. As a private sector partner DADTCO makes a significant contribution to the project, financially, in human resources and in kind. DADTCO is the driver behind rural development programs that concentrate on local sourcing.

Working with DADTCO will increase the Corporate Social Responsibility of any company!