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Dadtco Business concept

The DADTCO business concept comprises of a number of autonomous mobile cassava processing units, named AMPU’s, together with a centralized drying and refinery plant. The DADTCO patented split-processing technology for cassava.


The mobile unit is able to process cassava roots into cassava cake, and can move from platform to platform to collect the harvest of local farmers. The cassava cake is then transported to a central dryer and refinery that produces cassava flour or cassava starch. From the warehouse, the flour and starch can then be sold to both local as well as international markets.

Each year the AMPU will move to 3-4 platforms and will stay at each platform for a period of 3-4 months. Around 4000 farmer families are reached with supplying to one AMPU. The AMPU is an integrated mobile cassava roots processing unit is housed in a modified 40 foot container, which has a self-containing power supply. The cassava cake has a dry matter content of about 48 to 52% and can be stored up to one year if kept in airtight containers. If left in crates open to the air the cake can be kept for at least one week without any loss in quality.

The scope of supply for one (1) AMPU includes but is not limited to:

  • 1 x Modified AMPU processing 40 foot container. Modifications include veranda on one side, lockable and retractable with a strengthened flooring;
  • 1 x Container chassis trailer fitted with jacks on both sides to lift tires during processing;
  • 1 x inclined conveyor belt on feed side AMPU (retractable during transportation). The conveyor belt is fitted with a feeding hopper on the lower side.
  • 1 x Peeler/washer executed in stainless steel with carborundum layer for effective peeling.
  • 1 x Chopper attached to washer/peeler
  • 1 x Screw conveyor between chopper and rasper
  • 1 x Rasper (grater)
  • 1 x Pump set for dewatering
  • 1 x High pressure cleaning pump
  • 1 x Decanter for dewatering cassava slurry to cassava cake
  • 1 x Screw conveyor between decanter and cake crates
  • 1 x Borehole pump, capacity 10 m3 water per hour at a 60 m pressure head
  • 800 pieces of p.e. cassava cake crates
  • 1 x Generator set (138 KVA)
  • 1 x Motor Control Cabinet (MCC)
  • 2 x 400 kg capacity mechanical platform weighing scales
  • Lighting system for inside and outside AMPU
  • 1 x set of 1,200 spare rasper blades
  • 1 x set of spare parts for 1 year of operation
  • 1 x set of operator manuals


Production capacity

About 1000 Kg of cassava roots is used to produce 520 Kg of cassava cake. 520 Kg of cake is used to produce 350 Kg of Flour. In one hour the AMPU processes about 3.8 tons of roots into two tons of cassava cake. The DADTCO flash drier produces about two tons of flour in one hour. Two AMPU’s are used to serve one flash drier and one AMPU will be needed as back-up or alternatively for the production of cake for other purposed such as raw material for the brewing industry to replace the expensive imported malted barley.

From a farmers perspective one flash drier consumes about 92 tons of roots per day. The average farmer in Taraba State where one of DADTCO’s flash driers is stationed, cultivates 2.1 Ha of land. A third of this land is used for cassava production. At the moment the average yield per Ha is about 10 tons. It is the intention of IFDC and DADTCO to double the production together with the farmers in two years’ time. In order to feed a flash drier with a capacity of 12,000 tons of flour per year, about 23,000 tons of cassava roots are needed.

If the farmer cannot come to the factory; let's bring the factory to the farmer!