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About us

Our Mission is to initiate a cassava revolution across Africa.

DADTCO is a social enterprise pursuing poverty alleviation with entrepreneurial zeal, business methods and innovative courage.

The demand across Africa for cassava products (premium cassava flour, starch, syrups and glucose) is expected to rise rapidly due to urbanization, currency devaluation and continuing fluctuation in grain prices. These factors are now convincing manufacturers of national and international consumer and industrial products that cassava can be used as a substitute for higher-priced raw materials. With growing market demand for cassava, increased production can now generate increased benefits for Africa’s smallholder cassava farmers.

DADTCO developed an innovative “split” processing technology (in the field and at the factory) that has changed dramatically the way cassava is perceived, grown and processed in Africa. The company’s mobile cassava starch factories process fresh cassava on-farm or nearby, instead of attempting to transport the watery perishable crop over long distances to a central factory.  The mobile cassava starch factories process the harvested cassava into cassava cake and/or cassava starch flour which can be used by the brewing industry, bakeries or other starch related businesses. The food grade locally produced cassava products replace the expensive imports.

Cassava is the major starchy food crop in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA). It provides the largest calorie intake of the people. Africa is the world’s number 1 cassava producer but has not developed any cassava processing industry because the very perishable cassava roots need to be processed within 24 hour of harvesting.

DADTCO invented a mobile cassava processing factory able to process cassava roots from thousands of smallholder farmers into food grade cassava cake or cassava starch flour at village level. This breakthrough technology bridges the gap between smallholder farmers and large food companies.

DADTCO’s business model has already proven a success with SABMiller, replacing imported malted barley with cassava starch in Impala beer. Substitute expensive imports with local cassava products like wheat flour has the potential to create a stable income for millions of farmers in SSA.

The company

The Dutch Agricultural Development & Trading Company BV (DADTCO) was established in The Netherlands in 2002. Its shareholders share the belief that robust economic development in Subsahara Africa should come from the establishment of private businesses that deliver sustainable and profitable high value end products, whilst directly and tangibly improving the health, living and income standards of the population. DADTCO has a wide experience working with smallholder farmers in the developing world, supplying them with agricultural inputs, and selling their produce in domestic and export markets. Building on this experience DADTCO develops innovative technologies and business models for commercial development of crop processing. 

DADTCO has its support office in the Netherlands with local offices in Nigeria, Mozambique and Ghana. All shares in DADTCO are held by a Foundation which issues certificates to the stakeholders in the company allowing them dividend rights. The Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of 5 persons who in turn also serve as the non-executive Supervisory Board of DADTCO BV in the Netherlands.

DADTCO together with its partners covers the whole cassava value chain, from agricultural production with smallholder farmers, input supplies, processing and the marketing of the final product in local and international markets. DADTCO also participates in the ventures they propose, always through majority equity participation and by providing senior management.