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Ghana ranks among the largest producers of cassava in Africa, turning out 16.5 million metric tons in 2014, with a commodity value constituting 22% of Agricultural GDP. 83% of farming households are involved in cassava growing. It should be noted however that close to 50% of cassava produced in Ghana is lost along the value chain. Cassava industrialization in Ghana is generally expected to accelerate in the coming years. By 2020, the realistic addressable demand for cassava derivatives from industry players is estimated to grow to 400,000 tons per year; current supply is just 6% of that. The largest opportunity for cassava industrialization is ethanol (50%), followed by food-grade starch (35%) and high-quality cassava flour (HQCF; 15%).

Potentially a very large market for Cassava Starch Flour is Ghana’s bakery sector. Ghana imports around 600,000 tons of wheat annually, all of which is processed into wheat flour for the bakery sector. Given a milling ratio of 75%, Ghana’s bakery sector requires around 450,000 tons of flour annually. Bakers can reduce the cost price of bread by replacing part of the wheat flour by cassava flour. Easily 20% of wheat flour can be replaced by DADTCO’s cassava starch flour, which suggests a cassava starch flour market potential of 90,000 tons. Cassava Starch Flour gives a much improved bread compared to HQCF when included in composite flour and therefore will enjoy greater acceptance by the bakery sector. One DADTCO’s mobile starch plant produces 7,200 tonnes of cassava starch flour per year.


Mozambique has been ranked 8th in the World and 5th among African countries with regards to cassava production. Average production is estimated to be between the five and six million ton per year. Cassava is possibly the most important staple food in Mozambique, though hardly any industrialization of cassava is realized accept for the DADTCO-SABMiller’s cassava beer initiative.    In November 2011 the first ever commercial-scale cassava-based beer was launched in Mozambique. The beer, ‘Impala’, is brewed in Mozambique by SABMiller’s local subsidiary, Cervejas de Moçambique (CDM). Impala is brewed using 40% cassava and is the result of several years of research to overcome the challenges of processing and brewing with cassava. DADTCO’s Cassava cake is transported to the brewery and replaces imported malted barley. DADTCO as value chain manager has the role to manage the entire cassava supply chain on behalf of SABMiller from farmer to delivery of the processed cassava to the brewery. The affordable beer model has proven its success with delivered incremental volume. Impala currently is one of the biggest brands in Mozambique.


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