Cassava+ 2009-2013

DADTCO, IFDC (International Centre for Soil Fertility and Agricultural Development) and DGIS (the Netherlands' Directorate General for International Cooperation) launched a public-private partnership (PPP) to promote commercial cassava production. The programme was called Cassava+ and implemented during 2009 and 2013 in two countries, Nigeria and Mozambique where DADTCO is active.

The objective of Cassava+ was to improve the livelihoods of targeted DADTCO smallholder farmers in the two countries through cassava value chain development and sustainable intensification of agricultural production. IFDC improved the capacities of these smallholder farmers to produce cassava by working with project-affiliated farm groups to facilitate cassava planting, harvesting and distribution of new varieties. DADTCO registered, organized the farmers and guaranteed payment on delivery.

2SCALE 2014- (in implementation)

DADTCO and IFDC recognize their complementary roles and the pertinence of maintaining the partnership established in 2012 in Mozambique for the development of the cassava value chain.

The next phase of the partnership falls under 2SCALE with a timeframe of 3 years. The project addresses the lack of improved planting material in the cassava value chain and Good Agricultural Practice (GAP).  Through market failures the provision of primary planting material was missing. With DADTCO a new market for cassava products is created, where there was none. DADTCO and IFDC agree IN THE 2SCALE project to co-invest in multiplication and dissemination of improved planting and to intensify cassava production.