Dutch Agricultural Development & Trading Company BV - The Netherlands

tel: +31 85 489 2170


DADTCO Mandioca Moçambique Lda -


tel: +258 2621 3936

DADTCO Cassava Processing Ghana Ltd -

tel: +233 24 498 5572

Management Team

Peter Bolt

CEO and founder of DADTCO.

Tel: +31 85 489 2170

He is the "intellectual architect" of the Autonomous Mobile Processing Unit (AMPU), which is now successfully operating in Nigeria, Mozambique and Ghana with the prospect of rolling out to 27 more countries. Peter has been active in agriculture in Africa for most of his career. He started as a development worker but "felt that development work and daring to invest in people, was overtaken by politics". Also in the private sector- delivering fertilizer to African countries- he noticed that short term gains was the overall target, which at the end of the day brings little or no prosperity to the farmers". Therefore, he decided in 2002 to establish his own company that combines commerce and smallholder farmers' development. His aim is to diminish the dependency on food imports by giving farmers realistic competitive markets for their products and at the same time guarantees that the production takes place in a sustainable and responsible way by using integrated soil fertility management systems (ISFM).