African studies Quarterly paper

We announce the publication of a paper in the November issue of the African Studies Quarterly, entitled ‘What is the matter with African Agriculture’. The paper is based on the book with the same title, against the background of René Dumont’s famous book ‘L’Afrique est mal parti’ (1962). The paper is downloadable from the Journal’s site. (www.africa.ufl.edu/asq/v14/v14i1-2a6.pdf)



Ghana: Accra Brewery donates to cassava farmers on Farmers day

(02-12-2013) Accra Brewery Limited (ABL), producers of the cassava beer, Eagle Lager, has presented equipment support for winners of the National Best Cassava Farmer and the Regional Best Cassava Farmers for the Volta and Eastern Regions.

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Nigeria: How Cassava Bread Will Boost Economy, By Agric Minister

(23-09-2013) Abakaliki - THR Federal Government has said that the current innovation in the agricultural sector, which is geared towrds the roduction of cassava wheat for bread production, would not only curb the menace of unemployment but also save the country much of the N600 billion spent on wheat foul importation annually.

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Realizing the Potential of African Agriculture: Catalytic Innovations for Growth

On the Occasion of its Centennial, The Rockefeller Foundation hosted a Summit, "Realizing the Potential of African Agriculture: Catalytic Innovations for Growth". DADTCO was invited to this intimate gathering which brought together senior leaders in agriculture and finance who engaged in a joint conversation aimed at identifying concrete ways to strengthen African agricultural markets and value chains to benefit economies and small holder farmers.

Cassava Revolution Takes off in Mozambique

(04-07-2013) Branded the cassava revolution, private firms in Mozambique have in recent years attempted to rapidly commercialize the production of casava, the country's key subsistance crop. The idea is to create more efficient supply chains for small and medium-sized producers in order to feed growing private demand for cassava in products such as beer, processed food and ethanol...

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Cassava is Future Global Crop Says UN

(29-05-2013) ROME - Cassava has huge potential an could turn from a "poor people food into a 21st century crop" if grown according to a new environmentally friendly farming model, the UN food agency said on tuesday...

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SABMiller Cassava Beer Aimed at Beating African Homebrews

Eugene Shepherd admits he's no beer expert, but he'll tell you the bottle of Eagle he treats himself to every week is a step up from the murkey homebrews that had been his preffered tipple...

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Why SABMiller's cassava beer is a win-win for the company and small scale farmers

(18-04-2013) Alcoholic beverages companies generally like to make a big fuss about their corporate social responsibility initiatives and contributions to local communities.

One project that is, however, truly remarkable is SABMillers cassava beer recently launched in Africa...

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Increase in agro-processing units in Nampula

(29-04-2013) The provincial government in the northern Mozambican province of Nampula last year licenced 37 milla, bringing the total number of agro-processing units in the province to 610...two cassava processors have had a significant impact.

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New beer boost for cassava farmers - Togbe Afede

(18-03-2013) The Agbogbomefia of Asogli State, Togbe Afede XIV, has stated that the introduction of a new beer made from cassava is an oppotunity for farmers of the staple crop to go into serious farming and exploit the full benefits of the situation.

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Cassava beer launched in Ho

(16-03-2013) GNA- Accra Brewery Limited on Thursday launched a beer brewed with 70 percent  cassava in Ho. The beer, christened "Eagle Larger" would boost the economic fortunes of the many Ghanaians in cassava production.

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SABMiller launches cassava beer in Ghana

(14-03-2013) Brewer SABMiller PLC (SAB.LN) Thursday said it will launch a cassava beer in Ghana, which will be brewed by local subsidiary, Accra Brewery Limited (ABL), under the brand name "Eagle".

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Cassava bread: Have you been served?

(12-01-2013) Next to rice, bread is probably the most common denominator on the table of rich and poor Nigerians. This may be why Federal Government is making efforts to keep this staple within the reach of the average Nigerian. How feasible is this? What multiplier effects would this have on the common Nigerian whose other main staple, garri, is a product of cassava? How acceptable is the idea of cassava bread to bakers and of course the consumers?

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