Processing Sites

A mobile starch unit requires the establishment of at least three concrete platforms measuring 20 x 40 m. The platforms are between 80 and 180 km distanced from each other. During the year the starch unit rotates between these platforms to cover an area of about 150 Km in diameter or more. Each site is fitted with a small office, washrooms and farmers reception area, all built with local materials in a rather simple construction. Each site is also equipped with two to three boreholes for drinking water quality water with a minimum flow of 5,000 litre per hour each. Go here for pictures of the processing sites.

The mobile units produce cassava cake or cassava starch flour. The cassava cake is either sealed in plastic bags of 20 kg each and then put into pallet or put into big bags with a plastic inner liner. As the cake is sealed into the plastic bags, the product stabilises through lactic acid bacteria activity to pH 3.8 – 4.2 and can be kept under ambient conditions (well shaded and well ventilated) for at least 6 months. The cassava starch flour has a shelf life of at least one year. The flour is bagged in different sized bags (10-20-50 kg), depending on the request of the customer.

Each processing site is equipped with a quality control laboratory permitting control of all parameters including micro biology (the centralized flash dryers have a fully equipped laboratory meeting European standards).