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Our Cassava Products

At Dadtco Philafrica cassava is processed into an intermediate product and into end products. The intermediate product, Cassava Starch Cake, is a semi wet cassava paste. The end products are Cassava Starch Flour (CSF), which is a white flour, and Natural Cassava Fibre, fibres derived from the cassava root.

We guarantee consistent high quality due to our unique and breakthrough cassava processing technique.

Cassava Starch Flour

CSF is a white flour that is odourless and bland in taste. CSF has many different applications:

  • In baking it can act as composite flour with wheat flour for bread, biscuits, snacks and pasta
  • It can be used extensively in the food and beverage industry, including in the manufacture of culinary cubes, powdered drink products, beer brewing and the meat industry
  • It can be utilized in the pharmaceutical, textile, adhesives and paper/corrugated board industries
  • When processed further it can be converted into glucose, sorbitol and dextrin
  • In a few instances used as a glue extender in the production of plywood, when it is available at a lower cost than other starches

White product, fair merchantable quality, free from harmful substances, fit for human consumption, made from fresh cassava roots.




Moisture content (wt-%)

Gravimetry, ISO 1666

11 - 13 %

Starch* content (wt-% of dry matter)

Gravimetry, NIS 386

>98 %

Crude fiber content (wt-%)

Gravimetry, ISO 5498

< 1 %

Ash content (wt-%)

Gravimetry, ISO3593

< 0.3 %

Titratable acidity (wt-% lactic acid)

Titrimetry, AOAC 947.05

< 1.0 %



< 0.2 %


Potentiometry, ISI 26

4 – 7

Total cyanide content (mg/kg)

Spectroscopy, Bradbury 1994

< 2 ppm

Particles of size < 0.20 mm (wt-%)

Sieving, ISO 2591-1

> 95 %

Total viable count (CFU/g)

Colony count, ISO 4833

< 10,000

Yeasts count (CFU/g)

Colony count, ISO 6611

< 1,000

Moulds count (CFU/g)

Colony count, ISO 6611

< 1,000

* Fully released cassava starch granules



CSF can be used in the baking of bread and pastry products. In the case of bread up to 50% of the wheat flour can be replaced with CSF provided that the correct enzymes are added to the dough. The obtained bread is of excellent taste and quality.

Cassava Starch Cake

Cassava Starch Cake is a semi wet cassava paste that contains 50% water, 49% released starch (98% on dry matter basis) and 1% fibres (1.5-2% on dry matter basis). Cassava starch cake is packed in 20 kg plastic bags and has a shelf life of one year. The cake can be further processed into a number of downstream related businesses, producing an array of high value end products, including, amongst others Cassava Starch Flour, cassava starch or native cassava starch, cassava-based syrups, modified starches (used in food preparation), sorbitol, bio-ethanol, beer, snacks and other foodstuffs.

Currently Cassava Starch Cake is used by ABInbev to make Impala Lager. The beer was launched in Mozambique as a high quality affordable beer. The beer is made with 70% Cassava Cake and 30% malted Barley.


Gluten Free

Cassava is naturally gluten free. The flour is extremely well suited for baking. Compared to other gluten free flours, the characteristics of cassava flour come closest to those of wheat flour. Our cassava flour contains more Fibres than the well-known tapioca starch from Thailand. Cassava Starch  Flour is an innovative substitute for wheat flour and enables the production of a number of gluten free baked goods with virtually the same taste, texture, crumb and baking characteristics as those made with wheat.