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SABMiller plc, one of the world's largest brewers, started the first production ever of commercial-scale beer using cassava. The beer, Impala, is brewed in Mozambique by SABMiller's local subsidiary, Cervejas de Mocambique (CDM). It is SABMiller's ambition to create a portflio of high quality, affordable beers brewed using locally-sourced raw materials for lower income consumers in Africa.

DADTCO has partnered with SABMiller to pioneer an innovative solution to produce beer and use DADTCO's cassava cake in the brew process with very good results. At the moment 70% of the malted barly is replaced with cassava cake. Mozambican farmers potentially produce more than enough cassava than is required for domestic consumption, which guarantees a coninuous supply of roots.

The rural regions DADTCO and SABMiller are targeting are extremely poor and the farmers have previously struggled to sell more than one bag of cassava every two weeks. By creating a sustainable, vibrant market for their crops, buying from them directly and helping them to improve their yields, there is no doubt that this project will have a significant impact on their lives and the local economy.

"We devote great care and effort to builing alliances throughout our value chain, and recognise that partnerships are crucial to our success" (SABMiller plc annual report, 2012).