Dutch Agricultural Development & Trading Company BV - The Netherlands

tel: +31 85 489 2170


DADTCO Mandioca Moçambique Lda -


tel: +258 2621 3936

DADTCO Cassava Processing Ghana Ltd -

tel: +233 24 498 5572

Social Enterprise

DADTCO is a social enterprise.


It joined the network of social enterprises ‘profit for everyone’. DADTCO developed a mobile starch technology as a bridge between thousands of cassava farmers and the food industry in Africa.


Please visit the (Dutch) website of the Social Enterprise Network here

"A social enterprise delivers just like any other company product or service and a business model. Making money is not the main goal, it is a means to accomplish the mission. The purpose of social enterprise is to create social value, also known as 'impact'.

The social enterprise is globally a growing phenomenon and also Netherlands grows this group of entrepreneurs every day."