Track & Trace

For our root supply we depend on about 7,000 smallholder farmers per mobile starch plant each year. For this DADTCO developed a unique track & trace system, especially designed for operations in remote areas.

Our reality in the field is that we often work with computer illiterate field staff in areas without any network coverage. With Mobenzi ( ) we are able to have reliable data entered by our trained fieldworkers in the farmer’s fields, and to upload the collected data at a later stage to provide nearly real time information. The data we gather for each farmer includes: GPS location, personal and family details, farmer’s organisation, extension visits and the amount the farmer plans to deliver next year at the DADTCO processing site. The available data gives us an overview where our suppliers are located and the amount that will be delivered per region so we can plan subsequently for the next year’s cycle. Our digitized farmer registration combines simple data-entry with advanced reporting that is directly available to the supply chain management team. This provides full control on the thousands of farmers we work with.