Mozambique is one of the poorest countries in the World. According to the United Nations, Mozambique’s human development index is a 0.322, one of the lowest in Sub Saharan Africa. The war has especially effected the rural population, and the country is still recovering. The rural areas in Mozambique don’t even have a cash economy, farmers still rely on barter in order to trade produce. From our baseline survey can be deducted that the rural population does not have toilets, they have turf huts and straw roofs.

DADTCO would like to help farmers earn money with their cassava, through offering them a good price for their roots. Additionally DADTCO helps the farmers by implementing agricultural programs together with IFDC so that the farmers can start to produce more efficiently. In order to win the farmers trust, we would like to offer the farmers that work together with DADTCO a WakaWaka light.


The WakaWaka light is a pocket sized solar gadget. WakaWaka light is a light source that can provide you with more than 40 hours of excellent reading light (on a single day solar charge!). Since there is often no electricity in rural areas a light source can be of great importance.